Stafford “Doc” Williamson was known as “Glen Williamson” for the first 17 or 18 years of his life, and then the tragic accident with the radioactive slime turned him into ….   Okay, it wasn’t quite a “Spiderman” transformation, nor did I become the Incredible Hulk.  Incredible, yes.  Hulk, no.

Some of my friends labeled me “The Renaissance Man from Calgary” at some time in the relatively distant past.  I have tried to live up to that title, lovingly bestowed in all seriousness.  Similarly, several times in my life people called me “Doc” for various reasons, although it didn’t stick until I decided I liked it, and just adopted it as part of my “online persona” when I started working online for a software company called Quarterdeck.

I have had about 40 “jobs” in “my career” such as it is.  The University of Calgary Drama Department trained me to be an actor, director, playwright, and technical designer (though I only really got paid for doing “lighting” jobs).  But I also have gone through various stages of professional or semi-professional experience as a harpsichord mover, cowboy/ranch hand, delivery driver, painter, ballet dancer (yes, I really got paid for it, though only once that was paying it was at the opening festival of the National Arts Center in Ottawa, Canada, as an “extra” for the National Ballet of Canada, but I studied on scholarship with the Imperial Ballet of Canada, and once had a girlfriend from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School).  I was a film editor (asst. editor is the actual credit on the end of the feature film I worked on, though I also worked on post production for a couple of other films and did strange things like “computer wrangler” on a few more, which sometimes included “computer effects” for computers appearing on the screen).   I wrote an award winning play in the style of Harold Pinter that I produced a couple of different times, once for a radio drama festival (it won the prize in that) and again as a video production (though I was never really happy with the technical quality, since I was my own cameraman and sound recordist, as well as director and producer).  I am an author, I have written several books, including a pair of “remedial readers” for middle school grades that “disguise” themselves as primary grade picture books in hopes of attracting the really poor readers in middle grades.  I observed that was the kind of books they actually picked up to read when I was in the classroom, so that’s the type of book I created.

I am tremendously proud of my wife, Maggie.  She is a remarkable lady in many ways.  I am not, however, her biographer, so let her write her own blog.

After my wife, I tend to feel most proud of another book writing accomplishment.  I wrote a book I called “The Day I Changed the Shape of the Universe” which attempts to explain how “space” must be organized at the sub-atomic level.  It was just shortly after I wrote the original draft of this thesis that an astronomer from Harvard published an interesting analysis of the “Harvard Red-Shift Study” (that positions the galaxies of the universe on a three dimensional map), in which they discovered that the galaxies are organized in a way that suggests that they were “originally” configured in much the same manner as I have posited that space itself is organized on the micro-cosmic scale.  When I was developing some of the supporting data for the publication of my book, I discovered that my theory also predicted the existence of a yet undiscovered isotope of a heavy element that was also predicted by Japanese nuclear physicists.  Since I had no formal training in the field, I am especially proud of this accomplishment.  However, since I had no formal training in this field, no one has taken my work very seriously, yet.  I remain hopeful that some day, some young person will pick up a copy of my book, understand its implications and will change the course of human history, because I believe it points to a whole new understanding of both the “nature” of matter, but also of gravity and energy.

Okay, if you made it through that part, you might also find it interesting to know that I was my own illustrator on those “childrens’ books” (which, by the way, also make good “read-aloud stories” for toddlers at bed time).  You can get a look at them at http://winfotech.com/books/

I also had a “store” on the internet to sell printer and copier supplies.  Even though I got a couple of “contracts” with school districts to supply toner and ink, it never paid for itself, so it is now closed.

I have entered the “dating business” which does NOT mean I am in competition with Heidi Fleiss, I am an affiliate for several sellers of dating advice, and I am also doing “life counseling” on a private client video conferencing basis.  Markeing affiliates are paid a small commission, but they are paid on every purchase for the life of the account, so the earnings can add up over time.  (People who sold traditional insurance are familiar with this kind of earning strategy.  It is not a lot for any one policy, but they accumulate over the months and years, so that they can be quite a substantial income.)   I’ll let you know if it turns out to be a landslide of cash, but if it just helps a few people live happier more productive lives, that will be sufficient reward for me.

I have blathered on enough for now.  If my fingers don’t weat out, I may come back and revise or add to this later.

for now,


Stafford “Doc” Williamson


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