Human Rights, Water, Sewers, Food

Human Rights are “rights” a basic entitlement to those rights is the responsibility of every citizen of the world. I have created a couple of spaces on the internet where I try to raise awareness of certain issues for which I have concerns, but my “life’s work” is about integrating “green energy” (energy we grow, and energy from the waste we create) and at the same time creating food for the people growing the energy crop, as well as using the human waste as a resource that feeds the crop. Since the main thing that this crop “eats” is carbon dioxide, the sewage is the only major resource required to feed this stuff. The “stuff” is microalgae, and by making the sewage a NECESSARY input to growing algae for energy AND food, it give the sewers an economic value by delivering that set of essential nutrients to the crop. It makes it profitable to install sewers (or at least significant income producers) which is a major step toward both better sanitation and clean water availability, since one of the most worrisome forms of “pollution” to water supplies (other than dangerous chemical discharges from large industries) is from the other people who have diseases that are transmitted in the water.
Growing algae, which produces food and fuel (an exportable, profitable source of money for community development) is not some “miracle” or dream. It is real, it works today and integrates both inputs and outputs for the benefit of all.
It is something to think about. I hope anyone reading this will not only think about it, but will discuss it with others.
Stafford “Doc” Williamson


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