A Canadian Girl Committed Suicide – And the RCMP did What??

Okay, honestly the latest news is that the RCMP has just re-opened the case, after thousands of online “inquiries” have focused new attention on the rape that was largely ignored and was considered the main factor in a young Canandian girl committing suicide as a result.

Now, let’s be fair (if there is any possible way to be “fair” about a case of rape), there is never a justification for “rape” turning into suicide except when parents and community fail to provide the support that the individual needs to understand that “rape” has very little to do with them personally, and far more to do with a lot of very warped values that society in general has developed over the last couple of hundred years in particular, and over the last several thousand years in general. But the peitition attempting to call attention to this individual case started off their “add your own message” block with “is this case important to you?” as their prompt. Here’s my response.

Important to me? Are you kidding? This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT REFORMATIONS of ALL INTERNATIONAL LAWS that need to be made today. Only outlawing war could save more lives than enforcing anti-rape laws.
Pinching a woman’s bottom in the Italian streetcar is NOT a sexual “assault” (anyone who knows anything about law, knows that “assault” assumes intent to commit harm, and this and most other so-called “assaults” have just weakened the case for social justice in the instances of actual rape, but when it IS unconsentual sexual intercourse, it needs to be treated as a serious crime, and the punishment should ALWAYS fit the crime, not some convenient plea bargain that suits the prosecutorial staff of the day. Canadians are outraged, but it is an international crisis, as you can tell if you ask any woman in India, or Afghanistan today. Rape is not murder, but it should never be allowed to become the cause of suicide either.


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