“Green” politics can’t wait for the future

I am in a hurry today, because this is NOT my regular weekly brain dump, just a quick note to test a theory.

I hope that people are listening, but I fear they are not. I have been seeing a lot of “biofuels are a hoax” nonsense lately. Some people even try to cloak this negative publicity in the garb of scientific jargon, like “it violates Newton’s First Law” (of thermodynamics) without understanding that the systems are constantly acquiring input, which their calculations never take into account.

I have recently put up a couple of videos, including one called “Algae the Wonderfuel” that I rather like, but frankly I am concerned that all the “research” in the world is not going to get us to a practical level of actual attenuation of the problem fast enough to really be a solution. Endless political debates may actually be needed, but I, for one, think that we need to get something HAPPENING and the debates should take place on the issues to be refined, not the basic premise that we have to change our ways.

Conservation? Well, let’s see, 30 years or more ago, as personal computers were starting to make an appearance, there were all these predictions of “paperless” offices. The opposite result came about. And paper waste in one form or another constitutes almost 70% of the content of all urban (industrialized nations’) landfills.

Let’s make a SERIOUS effort to convert all the administrative work we can to being work-from-home TELECOMMUTER work. The fuel savings there will be enormous. And that means not just the fuel itself, but all the infrastructure wear and tear as well as the depreciation and actual replacement needs in terms of automobiles as well.

Take a look at the “green” videos below and see what IDEAS you come up with, and by all means, discuss it here in your comments.

(Sorry, but as I expected, this version of WordPress (or maybe just wordpress.com) won’t allow me to embed my own YouTube video player, so you’ll have to go to this page to see what I am trying to show you) (at least I hope it works there, it always amazes me how often code does not execute the same way every time). ;o)


Stafford “Doc” Williamson


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